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Conference Presentations

- Workshop participant, League of Environmental Educators in Florida (LEEF)
"You have a real gift."
- Chair, Midwest Environmental Education Conference
  "An enrichment of the spirit as well as an enlightenment."
- Participant, Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, Colorado Springs
"Fantastic, imaginative-Michael combined magic, hope and reality."
- Participants, New England Environmental Education Alliance Conference, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
"Your performance was a Summit favorite!"
- Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation Conservation Summits, Washington, D.C.
"A joyful night...engaging, educational, full of life."
-Education Director, Coyote Point Museum, California.
"The best program of its kind that I have ever attended."
- Participant, Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, Colorado Springs.
"Your presentation was the highlight of our schedule."
- Susquehanna Riverlands, Berwick, Pennsylvania
"I loved it! Michael's knowledge and manner was riveting."
- Teacher Workshop Participant, New London, New Hampshire
"Terrific presentation, informative & entertaining. One of the best I've ever been to!"
- New Hampshire Social Studies Conference Participant, Manchester, New Hampshire
"You are inspirational."
- Students, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine
"Michael Caduto is a real gift."
- Conference Participant, Leslie M. Frost Natural Resources Centre, Dorset, Ontario
"Knowledge, wisdom and love."
- Participant


-Teacher, Gildersleeve School, Portland, Connecticut
"A magical hour."
- Northfield News
"Unique storytelling that reminds us of our roots."
- Castleton State College, Vermont
"How do you find the words to tell your stories? Whenever I hear them, I can't stop listening, like I'm addicted."
-5th grader, Starksboro, Vermont
"Masterful storytelling in a voice that soothes like a gentle breeze. Michael is able to transmit to children a deep concern and obvious respect for the living Earth and all life."
- Teacher, Washington Village School, Vermont
"Is there something above excellent?! We have a restless bunch of children with short attention spans and Michael kept their attention and enthusiasm alive very well...with all of the beautiful messages."
- Teacher, Moretown School, Vermont
"A wonderful day of enchantment and magic."
-Teacher, Maple Avenue School, Claremont, New Hampshire
"A dynamic and powerful performance."
-Librarian, Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield, Connecticut
"Captivating-you can actually 'see' the story unfolding before your eyes."
-Librarian, West Hartford Public Library, Vermont
"Your Animal Tales were entertaining and educational."
- Director of Education, Discovery Place Children's Museum, Texarkana, Texas.
"The children were captivated."
- Librarian, Keene Public Library, New Hampshire
"Stories that transcend with gestures, sounds and ambiance of space..."
-Teacher, Stratham Memorial School, New Hampshire
"The best presentation we've ever had by a visiting author."
-Teacher, Barre, Vermont
"Michael lured his audience into a raptured silence."
- Librarian, Ilsley Public Library, Middlebury, Vermont
"Everyone was spellbound."
- Librarian, Springfield Town Library, Vermont
"The children delighted in your quick character changes, participatory chants and 'canoe trip!' "
- Community Services Coordinator, Nashua Public Library, New Hampshire
"A full-time Michael Caduto was requested! Michael is an extremely talented performer and held an audience in a way that stunned most of the adults and children. The word spread as the week went by, encouraging more kids to come along. All the people I spoke to are very keen to repeat this program."
- Director, Operation Skylark Children's Nature Day Program, Sterling, SCOTLAND
"Mr. Caduto it a perennial favorite with families in the Vermont State Parks Summer Series arts program...He can capture the attention and imagination of children and adults with his elegant stories...His use of visual as well as spoken media is one reason why his performance was chosen to be translated in American Sign Language."
- Chief, Conservation Education, Vermont Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation
"He is a enchanting storyteller...the gentle strength and creativity of the stories and messages were very moving."
- Librarian, Waterford School Library, Vermont
"The kids were entranced !"
- Teacher, Fleming School, Essex Jct., Vermont
"Listening to your stories was a delight."
- Museum Educator, Robert Abbe Museum of Stone Age Antiquities, Bar Harbor, Maine.
- Fourth Graders, Hampden Meadows School, Barrington, Rhode Island.
"Michael brings a vast understanding of and ability to present a wide range of environmental and educational programs to children and adults."
- Director, Champlain Valley Festival, Vermont
"He has a great sense of how to captivate an audience."
- Teacher, Wallingford Elementary School, Wallingford, Vermont

Educational Programs

"The best program we've ever had."
-Teacher, Bernardston Elementary School, Massachusetts
"This fit in perfectly with our curriculum! You addressed different learning styles by incorporating music, movement , a hands-on component and by assessing previous knowledge."
- Teacher, Henniker Community School, New Hampshire.
"Michael magically makes children aware of Native American cultures and our fragile environment. In a time when thematic teaching is vital, Michael provided another way to incorporate science, social studies, theater arts and language arts into one block of time !"
- Teacher, Lyndonville, Vermont
"I told my mother how to do the dance we learned and she got up and started doing it with me."
- Child, Berlin Elementary School, Montpelier, Vermont
"Grabbed the student's attention and held them to the end. Captivating, with much meaning and depth. Kids loved his characters; the 'body language' and facial expressions. The hour went by too quickly!! Let's have him again!"
- Teachers, Dunbarton Elementary School, New Hampshire.
"Your sensitivity and diversity of presentation styles was appreciated. Your commitment was moving." "I feel that Native American study has a valuable place in today's education."
- Students, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine
"Your rapport with the audience was excellent."
- Supervisor of Children's Services, Nashua Public Library, New Hampshire
"You have a wonderful way of getting children to come out of themselves."
- Norwich Bookstore, Vermont
"Highly recommended!"
- PTO President, Parker Farms Elementary School, Wallingford, Connecticut
"Excellent program."
- Maine Audubon Society
"Very enthusiastic and it rubbed off on the children. Super presentation!!"
- Teacher, Symonds School, Keene, New Hampshire
"Michael Caduto is an extraordinary environmentalist and storyteller who is able to convey successfully to children his passionate involvement in Native American culture and art. He is making a unique, significant statement in the education of our children by presenting fascinating programs about cultural diversity."
- Librarian, Waterbury Village Public Library, Vermont
"Entertaining stories told with enthusiasm."
- Teacher, Warren Elementary School, Vermont
"He has a special knack for keeping everyone involved and demonstrated super participatory listening skills."
- Teacher, Guilford Central School, Guilford, Vermont
"Held children's attention with excellent use of teacher's voice in storytelling. Great interest and enjoyment shown by children, especially the opportunity for imaginary visualization. The listening skills taught were excellent. A most beneficial teaching lesson as a vehicle of appreciation for our world and nature."
- Teacher, Smithfield Elementary School, Rhode Island
"We intend to have him again next year."
- Teacher, Academy School, West Brattleboro,
"Excellent, humorous, gets kids involved."
- Teacher, Warren Elementary School, Vermont
"Very enthusiastic...The slides were excellent. Everyone especially enjoyed making a student into a water insect."
- Teacher, Proctor Elementary School, Vermont
"Excellent. Mr. Caduto to hold the interest of a group of 26 preschoolers and younger children."
- Teacher, Mascoma Cooperative Pre-School, New Hampshire
"Excellent! Motor skills, imagination, listening skills, LEARNING were brought into play. Audience was made a part of the program."
- Teacher, Saxton's River Elementary, Vermont
"Mostly older adults came, who responded with interest and pleasure."
- Librarian, Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, Vermont
"Excellent, you held the kid's interest. The incorporation of stories, voice variations, music, movement etc. was great. The bead necklaces at the end really helped them remember the lessons; me too!
- Teacher, Mt. Vernon Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, Maine
"I can't do justice to how well Michael did. He related to children. He had excellent techniques to keep the children's attention. His way was calm and yet exciting. The added touch of giving each person string and beads to wear is an example of Michael's sensitivity. They loved his stories both young and old!"
- Teacher, Jonathan Daniels School, Keene, New Hampshire
"Mr. Caduto was excellent. He was especially sensitive to the different age groups, gearing his presentation to their needs and likes."
- Enosburg Elementary School, Enosburg Falls, Vermont


Workshops for Educators

"We were impressed by Mr. Caduto's professionalism and the enthusiasm which he projected during his entire program."
- Director, Burlington City Arts, Vermont
"Wicked awesome!"
- Participants, New England Environmental Education Alliance Conference, Northwest Harbor, Maine
"Michael's sessions, based on his study of Native Americans, drew good audiences from those active in environmental education in and around Edinburgh. They were most stimulating and were much appreciated by the participants. Michael brought a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment to his assignment in Scotland."
- Development Officer, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND.
"Michael entertained as well as informed."
- Teacher, Milton Junior High School, Vermont
"Very well done and creative."
- Education-Program Director, Audubon Society of Rhode Island
"Excellent presentation! Information presented in a very interesting manner. Good question and answer session."
- Director, Harris Center for Conservation Education, Hancock, New Hampshire
"This was an excellent workshop, well prepared. The resource material was excellent."
- Teacher, Littleton, New Hampshire