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Residencies are offered as an option for schools that desire an extended, in-depth experience in the study of storytelling and the environment, cultural diversity or Native North American cultures. Residencies typically take the form of several full days in the school or learning center, which can be conducted sequentially or spread out over the course of several weeks.

Michael tailors the residency to the goals and objectives of each school and the specific needs of students. Following an initial planning session, teachers are often presented with an introductory workshop, suggestions and resources for studying the topic they have chosen to focus upon. Teachers receive consultation and support throughout the residency.

Children are first presented with an inspiring performance. This often takes the form of a large group assembly. Michael then uses a carefully-choreographed, sequential, step-by-step program that immerses the children into the experience and gradually unlocks their creative ideas and energy. This approach is especially effective during storytelling residencies. Sometimes children learn to perform traditional indigenous tales, and at other times they create their own original stories to perform.

Storytelling residencies frequently culminate with an exciting assembly during which children perform their stories. This can take the form of a daytime school assembly, or it can become an evening open house where children may perform for their families and peers and even the greater community.