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In addition to performances, educational programs, residencies, workshops, conference presentations, publications and college courses, the following services are offered by P.E.A.C.E.:


Nature Walks & Field Trips

Arrange for a guided nature walk to be held at your school, nature center, camp, or other location.

Nature Walks, Hiking Excursions, Day Trips, Field Trips

Ask for a guided nature walk at a site of your choice. These guided walks can be designed for groups of any age and level of expertise. Some groups prefer an open-ended walk--to experience and learn about the nature encountered along the way. Others request walks on specific topics, such as beginning bird watching; wild edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants; tree and shrub identification; wildflowers; basic tracking; winter botany or "trees on skis." These hiking experiences are liberally interspersed with stories, surprises, and demonstrations.

A guided walk is a popular way to explore fall foliage and tree folklore!


Outdoor Adventures

Canoe Trips - Canoe trips combine recreation with environmental and cultural studies, natural history, folklore and environmental issues. Day trips or overnights for groups of all ages.

Camp-outs - Help is available for planning and conducting camping trips, including:

  • camping expeditions
  • survival skills overnight (youth, family, and adult groups)
  • campfire songs and stories


Curriculum Development

Help is available for planning and developing curriculum for environmental studies and issues, natural and physical science, conservation, stewardship and multicultural studies.


Media Services

Experienced service is available for environmental and cultural programs and publications in the following media and formats:

Writing and Reporting

  • books
  • magazine articles
  • newspaper articles
  • editorials
  • investigative reporting
  • interviews
  • editing of manuscripts, both technical and popularly written articles
  • newsletters

Editing and Reviewing Manuscripts - for articles; books; and scripts for radio, television, and slide/tape programs.

Photography - Photography, which has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, slide shows, newsletters.

Slide/Tape Programs - Photography, script writing, and music for slide/tape productions used for educational programs and promotional shows for conservation organizations.

Speaking Engagements - on environmental and cultural studies and issues, editorials and analysis.

Radio - Script writing and programs for local and national public radio.

Television - Script writing programs on educational television.

Museum Exhibits

  • Design and production of small-scale natural history exhibits for museums and nature centers.
  • Creative design and staff training of educational programs in the sciences and arts that utilize existing museum exhibits.

Publicity - All aspects of publicity, including press releases, posters, and radio spot announcements.


Land Management & Conservation Education Services

Services are available for planning, designing, and developing all phases of the following:

Nature trail development including routing and making trails, constructing erosion controls and bridges, choosing a trail theme, writing trail guides, creating trail sings, and producing trail maps.

Outdoor classrooms --designing and constructing outdoor classrooms and small amphitheaters.

Integrative land management plans for multiple conservation uses such as education, research, recreation, forestry, and wildlife management.

Maps and inventories --designing and creating botanical cover maps, trail maps, and physiographic maps, including detailed resource inventories of the land and land use mapping. Experience with stereoscopic interpretation of aerial photographs and with technical maps (geology, surficial geology, hydrology).

Supervising personnel during all of the projects listed above, including field areas.

Caretaking of wildlife refuge buildings and grounds.